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Photo of Mart and Daniel
–Who We Are–

Hi there! We're Daniel and Marta 🖐️


We're working on an innovative 3D printed vertical farming product 🌱


It's tricky to manufacture, requiring advanced 3D printing knowledge 🖨️


As a result, over the years, we have built a 3D print farm and have become experts in the technology 🔧


We're motivated to apply the 3D printing skills we've developed to make the best products locally 🛠️

Beyond a high-tech online existence, we also believe in contributing to the real-world town square & local community 🏙️

That's why we've taken up a spot at our local handicrafts market. We hope to see you there! 🛍️


Except in cases where there are special requirements, we use our biodegradable material, made from organic by-products 🌾

We also use an more resistant yet equally sustainable material from 3DTomorrow, called BioPro ♻️


Our workshop supports up to twenty-one 3D printers, and we're close to that limit. We only use high quality, fast machines 🤖

We have experience with multi-material systems and a variety of materials, including flexible materials 🎨

We can cater to anything from small projects to prototyping to mass production 👷‍♂️


By working with us, you're supporting innovation 💡


You can quickly drop us a line by using the form below 📝


Alternatively, you can email us: general (at) garden-stack (dot) com 📩

3D Printed Models

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How Can We Help?

Drop us a line below with your requirements if you have a 3D print project in mind 📝

Thanks for submitting!

Various 3D printed objects next to some plants: 2 cathedrals, 1 artistic human face mask, 1 shark toy.
Audrey Hepburn mulicolour print
Screenshot 2024-06-24 at 18.25.34.png

Check out our promotional item ⬆️

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Based in Brussels, ship worldwide

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