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Our projects: Manneken Pis statues in Brussels

Hello Everyone,

We're excited to launch this blog to share updates about our ongoing projects at SculptYours, along with various other topics that catch our interest.

For the past few months, SculptYours has been revitalizing the tourist souvenir scene in the historical center of Brussels. Our Manneken Pis statues have become a hit, thanks to our commitment to making them bigger, better, and more affordable than what was previously available.

A key aspect of our success is our dedication to using fully ecological materials, making our products not just better but also environmentally friendly (because, why not?). This commitment led us to cross paths with the eco-conscious shop "Artisans sans carbonne" (Artisans without carbon). The shop’s ethos resonates with our values, making it an ideal partnership.

During our collaboration, the owner, Carlo, shared some creative ideas, including a hippy-themed version of the Manneken Pis. We went to work on this general concept and crafted a model that brings this vision to life. We've gone ahead and named this special edition "Manneken Pis & Love," a nod to both its style and spirit.

The idea was that we could come up with a unique model that SculptYours could sell to Carlo's eco-conscious store.

If you're as excited about this design as we are, you'll be pleased to know that it's now available exclusively at "Artisans sans carbonne". Carlo has ordered 11 units of our design to get started and see how it goes. This creative partnership is a testament to how collaborative efforts can lead to wonderful creations.

We're proud of this collaboration and look forward to bringing you more unique designs. Stay tuned for more updates and stories behind our creations.

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