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Biodegradable Material

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We can work with all kinds of materials for your project, but if you have no special requirements, we would recommend our "PLA", which is a versatile and biodegradable material made from organic by-products.


Click here for a link to the page-by-page technical specifications known as the product's "material safety data sheet" (MSDS).

Here's our summary: 

Luminy® LX175 is an eco-friendly choice, made entirely from natural sources, which greatly reduces its environmental impact compared to traditional plastics. It's what is known as a "PLA". PLA stands for Polylactic acid, and is derived from renewable, organic sources such as corn starch or sugar cane. 


Luminy excels in being compostable, meeting the EN-13432 standard, a guideline that ensures materials can break down effectively in composting environments, turning into natural elements like soil nutrients. This quality helps in reducing landfill waste.


The material's compostability is certified by international organizations such as TUV Austria and European Bioplastics. Additionally, Luminy® LX175 is safe for contact with food, aligning with EU regulations for food-safe materials.


Its combination of sustainability, compostability, and safety makes it a top choice for eco-conscious applications. At the same time, this material is perfectly economical. For certain applications, more specialised materials are needed. But by default we'd recommend this.

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